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By Hágen Dániel - January 16, 2018 - tags: travel

London, the city that called "The most exiting city in the world". It's the capital of England and there you can find all kinds of things. In London people never get bored, they say.

Here you can find any shops, museums, media, fashion shops, art galleries that you want. There are also a lot of sightseeings for example Palace of Westminster, Margaret's Church, The Tower, that's why London is one of the most visited places by tourists in the world.

London has the tallest wheel in Europe called, London Eye. An extraordinary sight is the drawbridge above the Thames, it's weighing about 1000 tons. It has 2 famous accidents, one when it opened while some traffic were on it. The more famous was on 30th December 1952 where a bus jumped at the far side while the bridge was opening.

Also London gives place for the first metro in the world before the Hungarian one which was the second in Europe. It has one of the most rare metrorails, it uses fourrails technology, and this is very unique in the transport.