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GPU market vs Bitcoin miners and prices going up in RAM market

By Kun Attila - January 10, 2018 - tags: technology

The bitcoin has risen so much on the stock market that everyone started to buy up the whole videocard market, but I do not know what will be in the future, and recently the Bitcoin's prices going up and down (about 14-17k USD), so people are selling their Bitcoins.

The other thing that people talk about almost every day is the RAM module's price increasing. Because we have lots of smartphones with at least 2 GB of RAM nowadays, and some phone is designed to have 8 GB, we are producing tons of memory modules but it is not enough to satisfy the manufacturers' demand. 2 years ago 4 GB DDR4 RAM cost about 40$, now the better ones like HyperX cost the double.

On the Hungarian market, there's a huge difference between the most expensive and the (almost) cheapest 4 GB modules:

HyperX 4 GB 2400 MHz CL 15:: 22490 Ft

Crucial 4 GB 2133 MHz CL 15: 14290 Ft


Why did I write about these things? The reason is that I am worried about the big price increase of the videocards and of the memory sticks so that makes difficult for individuals to build a new PC like me.