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Discord for Gamers

by Kun Attila – January 30, 2017 - tags: technology

I’ve decided to write about Discord since I prefer Discord over Skype, TeamSpeak and other messaging services.

What is Discord?

Quoting from Discord’s website: "Free and secure chat for gamers, works on both your desktop and your phone." If you’re on Discord, you use the word server a lot, and DiscordTag.

What is a Discord server?

Anybody can create a server. The server is a place where people can join and communicate in several channels via text or voice. Each channel has its own topic. The server owner can create roles which can be assigned to server members. Each role has its own color and permission set. You can also DM (Direct Message) your friend if you want to talk about something private with him/her.

What is a DiscordTag?

A DiscordTag is a unique identifier given to each user to separate from other same named users. (for e.g. #1234)

How many languages is Discord translated to?

About 20-25 languages, including Hungarian, which is still needed to be fixed, so our translators’ community puts all effort into the translations. You can also apply by finding “Help Translate Discord” in the Language menu, under the Settings.

If I like Discord, how can I support it?

You can purchase Discord Nitro, for 4,99$/month (or 49,99$/year), which gives you tons of things like customized DiscordTag, animated and unique emojis which you can use on every server, animated profile picture, higher upload limit (50MB instead of 8MB/file).

Also, there is the Discord HypeSquad, if you apply, Discord will know you’re very hyped. Once you are accepted you can spread the hype on gaming or tech related events. You can get stuff like clothes - usually hoodie -, flyers, and other stuff.

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Sources: Discord, my experiences, and the Lead Translator of our team aka Proofreader.