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The losing streak is still going on

By Csányi Benedek - January 13, 2018 - tags: sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the number one challenger for the Golden State Warriors but they are playing like a bunch of high school players and defending like a blind dog on a horse… As a Cavs fan and a Lebron fan when I see the score board it hurts me every day. What’s next? The big question is that we are waiting 3 months for Isiah Thomas but he didn’t do anything big he can’t defense at all. Lebron is trying his best but he became 33 years old and I saw him playing like a hero but he can’t play for 48 minutes and score 80 point every game.

So i’m really frightened from a 4 straight Cavs-Warriors Final but an easy 0-4.


As you can see Lebron really mad :(

Csányi Benedek
Nba expert