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2018 vote in Hungary

By Csányi Benedek - January 13, 2018 - tags: Politics

The 2018 voting in Hungary is really important for the people because now Orbán Viktor and the Fidesz are leading Hungary since 2010.

The biggest question is that do we have any different options besides Fidesz because we really don’t have a good political party and especially the opposition in Hungary is total chaos they only care about themself and they don’t want to change the country. They have to work together if they want to beat Fidesz. Another problem is that Fidesz gave the opportunity to vote outside the country for foreign Hungarian people and with this power the Fidesz have two-thirds majority in the parliament.

What do you think about foreign voters? Please leave a comment below.

We will see the results I hope we have some alternative solution because I want the best for Hungarian people.


Csányi Benedek
Political scientist