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by Bakos András Balázs – January 30, 2017 - tags: nature

I chose the topic of foxes, since I absolutely adore the species. Their majestic fur colour, their mysteriousness and the stereotypes foxes are usually collated with, such as slyness and slickness, all these give me the image of a very cool and beautiful mammal.

General informations and appearance

Foxes are small-to-medium-sized, omnivorous (eats both plants and other animals) mammals belonging to several genera of the family Canidae, or dog-like mammals. Foxes have upright ears, a pointed, slightily upturned snout and a long bushy tail. They are generally smaller than other members of the family Canidae such as wolves, jackals, and domestic dogs. Fox species differ in fur color, length, and density. Coat colors range from pearly white to black and white, to the famous deep red.

Some famous fox species

-Fennec foxes have large ears and short fur to aid in keeping the body cool, since they live in deserts. -Arctic foxes, have tiny ears and short limbs as well as thick, insulating fur, which aid in keeping the body warm in the cold climates. -Red foxes, by contrast, have a typical auburn fur, the tail normally ending with white marking.

Dietary properties

Foxes are omnivores. The diet of foxes is largely made up of spineless animals such as insects, and small vertebrates (animals with a spine), such as reptiles and birds, and can include eggs and plants aswell. Foxes cache excess food, burying it for later consumption, usually under leaves, snow, or soil.


There are many records of domesticated red foxes and others, but rarely of sustained domestication. The Russian Silver Fox is the most notable case in history, when Soviets tried to gather foxes from the wild, mate the most peaceful and tamed ones through generations, until there will be a generation that completely relies on humans. The current group of domesticated silver foxes are the result of nearly fifty years of experiments in the Soviet Union and Russia to domesticate the silver morph of the red fox.