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Equal Education for everyone

By Csányi Benedek - January 13, 2018 - tags: education

Nowadays in Hungary there are „some” problems with the education. There is no money invested into schools so they don’t have enough money to buy some new equipment for the students.

Another really huge problem is that the students have 38 and 39 lessons in one week which is abnormal and too many. We are not able to do anything besides school. We literally spend more time in school than at home. I mean for a 17 year old boy or girl that’s not a good thing and for so many reason on the 19th of January the students are organising a demonstration in front of the Parlament on Kossuth Square. I’ll mention some of the points what we want to reach.

That’s just few things on the list so if you want a be a part of a demonstration for Equal Education, please come to the Kossuth Square 4 o’clock in January 19.